Class PSEconomy


public class PSEconomy extends Object
Handler for ProtectionStones economy related tasks.
  • Constructor Details

    • PSEconomy

      public PSEconomy()
  • Method Details

    • stop

      public void stop()
      Stops the economy cycle. Used for reloads when creating a new PSEconomy.
    • loadRentList

      public void loadRentList()
      Load list of regions that are rented into memory.
    • processTaxes

      public static void processTaxes(PSRegion r)
      Process taxes for a region.
      r - the region to process taxes for
    • doRentPayment

      public static void doRentPayment(PSRegion r)
      Process a rent payment for a region. It does not do any checks, it is expected to check if the rent time has passed before this function is called.
      r - the region to perform the rent payment
    • getRentedList

      public List<PSRegion> getRentedList()
      Get list of rented regions.
      the list of rented regions