Class PSProtectBlock


public class PSProtectBlock extends Object
Object to represent a protection block as defined in config (blocks folder). The fields are the exact same as the ones in the config.
  • Field Details

    • type

      public String type
    • alias

      public String alias
    • description

      public String description
    • restrictObtaining

      public boolean restrictObtaining
    • worldListType

      public String worldListType
    • worlds

      public List<String> worlds
    • preventBlockPlaceInRestrictedWorld

      public boolean preventBlockPlaceInRestrictedWorld
    • allowPlacingInWild

      public boolean allowPlacingInWild
    • placingBypassesWGPassthrough

      public Boolean placingBypassesWGPassthrough
    • distanceBetweenClaims

      public int distanceBetweenClaims
    • xRadius

      public int xRadius
    • yRadius

      public int yRadius
    • zRadius

      public int zRadius
    • chunkRadius

      public int chunkRadius
    • homeXOffset

      public double homeXOffset
    • homeYOffset

      public double homeYOffset
    • homeZOffset

      public double homeZOffset
    • flags

      public List<String> flags
    • allowedFlagsRaw

      public List<String> allowedFlagsRaw
    • hiddenFlagsFromInfo

      public List<String> hiddenFlagsFromInfo
    • priority

      public int priority
    • allowOverlapUnownedRegions

      public boolean allowOverlapUnownedRegions
    • allowOtherRegionsToOverlap

      public String allowOtherRegionsToOverlap
    • allowMerging

      public boolean allowMerging
    • allowedMergingIntoTypes

      public List<String> allowedMergingIntoTypes
    • displayName

      public String displayName
    • lore

      public List<String> lore
    • enchantedEffect

      public boolean enchantedEffect
    • price

      public double price
    • allowCraftWithCustomRecipe

      public boolean allowCraftWithCustomRecipe
    • customRecipe

      public List<List<String>> customRecipe
    • recipeAmount

      public int recipeAmount
    • customModelData

      public int customModelData
    • taxAmount

      public double taxAmount
    • taxPeriod

      public int taxPeriod
    • taxPaymentTime

      public int taxPaymentTime
    • startWithTaxAutopay

      public boolean startWithTaxAutopay
    • tenantRentRole

      public String tenantRentRole
    • landlordStillOwner

      public boolean landlordStillOwner
    • autoHide

      public boolean autoHide
    • autoMerge

      public boolean autoMerge
    • noDrop

      public boolean noDrop
    • preventPistonPush

      public boolean preventPistonPush
    • preventExplode

      public boolean preventExplode
    • destroyRegionWhenExplode

      public boolean destroyRegionWhenExplode
    • preventSilkTouch

      public boolean preventSilkTouch
    • costToPlace

      public double costToPlace
    • allowSmeltItem

      public boolean allowSmeltItem
    • allowUseInCrafting

      public boolean allowUseInCrafting
    • allowShiftRightBreak

      public boolean allowShiftRightBreak
    • preventTeleportIn

      public boolean preventTeleportIn
    • noMovingWhenTeleportWaiting

      public boolean noMovingWhenTeleportWaiting
    • tpWaitingSeconds

      public int tpWaitingSeconds
    • preventPsGet

      public boolean preventPsGet
    • preventPsHome

      public boolean preventPsHome
    • permission

      public String permission
    • eventsEnabled

      public boolean eventsEnabled
    • regionCreateCommands

      public List<String> regionCreateCommands
    • regionDestroyCommands

      public List<String> regionDestroyCommands
    • regionFlags

      public HashMap<<?>,​Object> regionFlags
    • allowedFlags

      public LinkedHashMap<String,​List<String>> allowedFlags
  • Constructor Details

    • PSProtectBlock

      public PSProtectBlock()
  • Method Details

    • createItem

      public org.bukkit.inventory.ItemStack createItem()
      Get the protection block item for this specific protection block.
      the item with NBT and other metadata to signify that it was created by protection stones